There is nothing more contemptible than a bald man who pretends to have hair.

- Marcus Valerius Martialis, Roman poet, 98 A.D.




   Shot over 16 months in locations throughout the United States, Combover: the Movie is a documentary that peers into the fascinating world of a classic yet heavily criticized hairstyle: the combover.  This film is about more than just a method for disguising male pattern baldness, it’s a humorous chronicling of one man’s fascination with the combover. The cameras followed Chris Marino as he surveyed the country searching for answers and for “extreme combovers.”     


As part of the exploration, Chris  interviewed various hair experts: physicians, hair practitioners, even a gentleman who obtained a U.S. patent for the comb-over. In addition the documentary looks into the significance of this hairdo in historical, cultural and religious contexts. One of the oldest references to hair's importance is in the Old Testament. Elisha, friend of Elijah, was enraged when a youth referred to him as a "bald head." One can't help wonder if perhaps the combover is worn in response to social pressure to have a full head of hair.


One devotee of the combover said it best: "Finally someone is going to record for posterity the dying art of the combover. Nowadays people are too quick to get transplants or wear toupees."






             Combover the Movie is a No Barking Production Copyright 2004


                         Chris Marino - Executive Producer and Director


                                 Tim Fenoglio - Producer and Director


                Combover: the Movie is based on an obsession by Chris Marino





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