Chris Marino-Producer, Director, and Guy in the Movie


After graduating from college, Chris followed his dream to become a corporate executive; he took a position at E.I. du Pont de Nemours and worked very hard.  Four years and many jobs later Chris finally reached the pinnacle of his corporate ambitions as a courier for a nuclear pharmacy.  He drove a Ford Escort to and from hospitals picking up radioactive hospital waste for five dollars an hour.  Unhappy with his career path, Chris picked up a copy of “Awaken the Giant Within” by a very big-toothed author named Tony Robbins.  Two weeks later Chris was hosting a talk show (for no money) at a little AM radio station in Cumming, Georgia.  Three years later Chris had taken the little known news/talk station and turned it into a critically acclaimed Americana music station winning awards and garnering praise in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Atlanta Constitution.  After a jaunt to Nashville to become an editor for the radio trade magazine Gavin, Chris left for Denver to begin a career in TV.  Chris notes, “When I left the radio station, I immediately felt the loss of a creative outlet and after spending years in front of the television, I thought TV was the next logical step”.  Chris landed a job at a production company in Denver and began learning the biz.  Starting as a researcher, it wasn’t long before Chris was series producing and directing for networks including Discovery, Animal Planet and HGTV.  “Combover: the Movie” is Chris’s first independent project.


Tim Fenoglio-Producer and Director


What does a degree in philosophy get you?  Well, for Tim it meant trying to write confused and obscure fiction. For a few years after college he worked at night in the bars as a bouncer so he could write during the day. He lived in coffee houses working on short fiction and essays and got nowhere. Then about four years ago, after a call from a friend, Tim decided he wanted to try and make a movie. Having never touched a camera, a light, a graphics or editing program he started to teach himself in a crappy one room walkup. An early morning delivery job gave him the time.  One bad short film led to a few more, slightly better, then some animations, and finally some music videos.  Being self taught paid off, before he knew it he was working in all sides of the industry. Tim worked on series of Animal Planet shows as a cameraman, while working on the video side of the music industry for almost every major record label.  His time was now spent designing title sequences and graphic packages, producing bonus content and interviews, or shooting and editing the live performances. Recently, Tim has been at work as a creative director for a DVD authoring house, while freelancing as an editor and DP for independent film productions. A documentary on combovers was clearly the next step.



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